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Welcome to the Colon Cancer Resource

Dr. Jerry Lang introduces Colon Cancer Resource

This web site is for anyone who has colon and rectal cancer - and for their family and friends.

You need answers. We have them.

You need someone to speak clearly and honestly about your illness and about what you should do right now. You want colorectal cancer information - in language we all use, written by experts in medical science.

We do that.

The buttons on the left side of the page will take you to all of your most important concerns right away. Or you can read through these few paragraphs and click on:

The answers to these and to all of the other questions you have are here for you because we've been through this with our friends, family and neighbors. We think everybody could use some help with this terrible problem.

The chances of overcoming colon cancer are much better when you learn what needs to be done early on. There are a number of treatments for colon cancer. You can learn about them here because no one can let a colon cancer diagnosis go without treatment.

You might want to know:

This can be a scary time for you. So learn all you can, and you'll be in better shape to get through this.

Winston Churchill said, "When you're going through hell, keep going."

We are building this site as fast as we can and we're sorry that everything is not yet in place - but it will be soon. If you want to, you can give us your email address by clicking here and we'll let you know as we add more information.

PS - If you don't see answers to your questions, click here and type in your question. We will get you the answer as quickly as we can.

Here is just a sample of the topics and items we will add in the next month.

You may want to chat on line, or just look at what other people say about their situations. So we'll have an easy-to-use chat room.

You want to know about which foods are healthiest for you at this difficult time and what vitamins build up your strength to deal with and overcome this ordeal. Maybe you wonder if you could have seen the colon cancer signs earlier?

Have you thought about?:

Colon cancer - mid adult woman

For the latest news on colon cancer please accept a free weekly subscription to the CCR Newsletter.

Some people worry about:

Some people want to:

And most of all, you probably want to learn how to get well fast.

No matter what else you do, don't wait! Cancer needs to be dealt with quickly by the best medical team because this is your life.

  • We are here for you
  • Together we can beat your illness

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Dr. Jerry Lang

Colon cancer - Dr. Jerry Lang

"This website is for all colon cancer patients, their families and friends. I want people to know that they can overcome this disease by learning what to do, where to go for great medical help, how to deal with insurance and all the other problems facing them.

I have worked with some great people to make this web site easy to understand and devoted to helping you. Please let me know if anything doesn't help you or if we can do something more that would be useful to you.

The most important factor in a person getting healthy is their personal determination and their will to be better. You have to summon that determination and then take the steps described here - we are here to help and support you."

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